W&LLR No.12 ‘Joan’ Appeal

Launched: December 2006


Target: £ 105,000
Closed: November 2009
Funds available at close: £ 135,000 inc. Gift Aid

No.12 ‘Joan’ (Kerr Stuart No.4404, 1927) lay out of service in the headshunt at Llanfair for some years, awaiting her turn in the workshop. Although not as capable a loco as the original Beyer Peacocks, once restored Joan will be a useful loco, able to handle all but the heaviest trains. Work includes a new boiler with Lempor exhaust in a dummy balloon chimney. The boiler will have a smaller firebox, allowing more space on the footplate.

Status, August 2011:
‘Joan’ is complete, steaming and running tests! She is not yet in service, but hopefully will be in steam as reserve loco for this year’s Gala in early September. It is truly excellent to see her in her fresh paint, a very good conclusion to a thorough and painstaking renovation. Congratulations to all who have helped to achieve this with time, skills and money.

‘Joan’ returned to service in time to take part in the 2011 Gala and is now a welcome addition to the active loco roster.

Images: B Webber, G Gauntlett, A Charman, P Little, K Bide, W&LLR Collection
See a slideshow of Joan and her rebuilding (© Geoff Gauntlett).

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