A Lament For Five Brothers

A Lament For Five Brothers

Five of us, brothers, stood beside the water
Bright sun played on the ripples
We mourned for our cousin
Lost when she fell into the river

We were tall, the others handsome
But I for twenty summers
Bore a scar on my body
Disfigured by a lightning bolt

Armed men came, not soldiers
But yet an orange army
We were surrounded, trapped
Unable to make our escape

No chance to plead for mercy
A whirling blade plunged into my side
Then again and again until
I fell and lay motionless

This band of brothers has fallen
But we will rise, not as five, but fifty!
Come Easter and new shoots
Will spring from our stumps

So once more we’ll stand beside the water
And as the sun plays on the ripples
Mourn for our cousin the oak
Lost when she fell into the river

Copyright (c) Geoff Gauntlett 2017


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