Castle Caereinion Level Crossing

Launched: 1 January 2012  APPEAL CLOSED
Target: min. £ 30,000 (of c. £135k)
Closed: 31 December 2013
Funds raised: £ 45,229 inc. Gift Aid

Status, February 2015:
The crossing has been inspected and passed for use! The Office of Rail Regulation visited the W&L in Feb 2015 and, after inspecting the crossing and its operating with a test train, has passed it for our use subject to a minor amendment. Hoorah!

Thanks to Highrail Systems Ltd and Tycon Automation Ltd, W&L management for overseeing this lengthy project and to the volunteers, donors and other supporters who helped make it possible. Further information is available in recent issues of the Llanfair Railway Journal and on the W&L Facebook page (see left).

Although very much a part of the Railway’s character, the W&L’s open road crossings have posed risks to railway and road users alike. An incident at New Drive in 2010 prompted an official inspection of the public and private road crossings. Most are considered suitable for trains to cross without stopping, but Castle Caereinion is not, due to its location and lack of visibility.

The Trustees decided to take action before our statutory regulators stop trains operating over the crossing. The installation of automated gates will protect trains from road users and vice versa and eliminate the need for train crew to stand in the roadway. After a detailed and exhaustive investigation of the options, the Trustees decided to proceed with an automated half-barrier system with ‘wig-wag’ warning lights.

Images: A Barnes, D Billmore, A Bowler, R McCaffrey, W&LLR Collection

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