The W&LLR Preservation Company Ltd is a charitable company created and wholly owned by its members. When you join, you have the following benefits:

  • voting at the Annual General Meeting (excluding Associate members, who may attend but not vote)
  • free travel (subject to availability and excluding Gala, Santa Specials and other events)
  • participate in running and maintaining the Railway
  • four copies of the Llanfair Railway Journal, the in-house magazine, each year.

In addition to the Journal, there are forums for exchanging news and views on Facebook .

Membership of the W&LLR is subject to the Memorandum & Articles of the company.

New members

Apply for membership online using the new member page. Alternatively, download the membership application form. If you can’t download it, you can e-mail us your address and we’ll send you a hard copy.

A New Members’ Day is usually held each year. The date for 2018  is Sunday 20th Mayemail us to receive details.

Renew your membership

Renew your membership using the renewal page. You will need to enter your membership number, postcode and surname to verify your membership.

If you want to inform us of a change of address, or to add or remove family members, please contact your Membership Renewal Secretary. Their contact details are listed at the back of each issue of the Llanfair Railway Journal.

We will ensure that any personal data held by us is protected appropriately and is destroyed when no longer required. We will strive to ensure that this data is kept accurate and relevant.  

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