The W&L can’t function without volunteers, they are literally the life-blood of the Railway. There are numerous roles for volunteers, including train driving and operating, track renewals and ‘hedge-bashing’, loco and carriage maintenance, station gardening, serving in our shops and tearoom, and promoting the W&L by distributing leaflets or manning publicity stands.

There’s something for everyone, whatever their level of skill or experience and no matter how much time they can give. If you would like the challenge, satisfaction and pleasure of helping out, you can volunteer for a number of the roles mentioned above. Simply drop us an email with your details and any questions, and we will get in touch once we have received your details.

Full training and support is given, and you can make use of the facilities of Keyse Cottage, the Volunteers Hostel at Llanfair Caereinion. Volunteers must be aged 16 or over and some operating duties, where safety performance criteria, are dependent on physical ability.

In addition to the quarterly Journal, volunteers can keep in with developments on the railway and the latest projects through the monthly PDF newsletter, The Earl, which is downloadable from this site.

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