Why ’89A’?

And well you may ask! But yes, it does have a link to the W&LLR, as you will read below.

In the British Railways era, locomotive sheds were allocated codes.  The code was a development of the LM&SR system, extended to accommodate the other three major railways. For example, the ex-GWR Tyseley shed was ’84E’, Crewe North shed was ‘5A’ and Manchester Gorton was ’39A’ (later changing to ‘9G’). All locos carried a small oval plate displaying the code of their home shed which was normally mounted at the bottom of the smokebox door.

However, the smaller loco sheds were not allocated their own codes, but were considered ‘sub-sheds’ of a larger establishment. So the two Welshpool sheds, one for the mainline, the other for the W&LLR, were ‘sub-sheds’ of Oswestry which was code ’89A’ during the last years of the Llanfair line. It was thought appropriate for the more ‘nuts-and-bolts’ membership and donations web presence of the W&L.